Passion for The Bean

I started roasting coffee completely by accident many years ago, when my local store stopped carrying my favorite brand. I searched for it online to no avail, when a sidebar ad caught my eye: "Roast your own green coffee!" 

Hmm. My interest was piqued. I subsequently did a ton of reading, and shortly was hitting the thrift stores in search of old 80s-era fluid bed popcorn poppers. Such joyous days of discovery! It takes a lonnng time to produce a single roasted pound by this method, but I savored every second of the experience.

Thus was my passion for the bean born and cultivated. I sold my first "2-hour pound" in 2003. Since then, I've learned a lot more about coffee roasting than I ever could've imagined.

These days, the equipment has been upgraded a couple of times from my trusty old gaggle of Popcorn Pumpers, but I'm still a small craft roaster, serving people like us who simply love excellent coffee. 

Each roast is a unique journey. My passion is intact and continues to grow.